Your 80/20

Content Strategy

Ideas don’t pay the bills. They never have. That’s why I like to keep things lean and direct.

By analyzing your keywords, competitors, and your current digital footprint, I identify areas where the smallest actions can bring about the most impactful results.

What I do

I help clients get more traffic to their websites, through strategically-built, well-packaged content.


Competitor Analysis

Using enterprise level tools (such as Ahrefs), I uncover keywords, links, and strategies that your competitors are using to get targeted search traffic.

Content Strategy

Whether you are building a new website or optimizing an existing one, I identify the site structure and content roadmap that you’ll need to win valuable traffic.

Website Audit

Capitalize on “low-hanging fruit” opportunities to increase traffic, through proper site structure, internal linking, and addressing critical errors.

Keyword Research

Make your content count! The highest ROI element of successful content strategy is making sure your content matches relevant search demand.


Pillar Page Briefs

In today’s web, 1 authoritative guide can be worth more than 100 tiny blog posts. I help you build out evergreen guides that increase sales and customers.

CTR Optimization

One of the fastest opportunities for existing websites to see more traffic is by optimizing underperforming listings on the search results pages.

Ranked #1 on Upwork’s Internet Marketing Test 

From My Clients

Here is just a brief cross-section of a few of the amazing clients I’ve worked with, and what they’ve had to say:

“Great job finding topics and keywords for my pages. Dan was extremely thorough, and pulled together a great content strategy for the group of pages I needed. Thx! Will hire again I’m sure.”

Nick J.

Managing Editor, Authority Media

“Very impressed. It was fantastic to have a website “project manager” just handle all the details. Dan was EXTREMELY thorough. With the programs and tools that he runs, he was able to show me exactly what my competitors are going after–products, services, and content topics. He helped me get my site setup and looking good, and gave me an excellent road map for the next 12 months.”

Jaime C.

Lifestyle Photographer, Carping The Diems

“Dan was great! I wasn’t sure if I would be able to find someone on Upwork to do what he did and he over delivered. Fantastic. Very professional. Solid SEO setup. I’ve been in the game for 9 years and his on-page was tight. Website architecture was perfect. Exactly how I would have done it but with a few extra things I hadn’t even thought of. Great job, Dan!”

Tyson S.

Marketing Director, EdSmart

“Dan is great and knows exactly what he is talking about. A fantastic help to one of our data and website projects, Dan helped with research and competitive analysis and provided quite a bit of helpful feedback and insights. We will definitely work with him again.”

Claudio Q.

Director of Operations, Quabblejack

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